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Accounting for column alt names when applying joins via the UI


In the ASP.NET back end, I have configured alt names for the tables and columns and enabled them:

QueryBuilder.SQLFormattingOptions.UseAltNames = true;
QueryBuilder.BehaviorOptions.CreateColumnAliasesFromAltNames = true;

I'm using the alt names for UI purposes, but the original column names are the only ones actually present in the database.

This works well but causes an issue when using the UI to create a join between two tables. It seems that, when the link is created, the value of "FieldName" for the DTO sent to the server is the alt name, which causes a broken join because it seems to be expecting the underlying column name.
Is there a way to set up alt names in the UI for the user in such a way that visual joins still work with this setup? Not sure if this is a bug or if there's something I'm missing.