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Cannot drag/drop field to create a join

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When dragging a field in the WPF queryBuilder the cursor shows as NoDrop when hovering over another table in the query.

I can drop into the columns area to select the field.

The only setting I could find that looked relevant was queryBuilder.BehaviorOptions.LinkManipulations and that is set to Allow.

Is there somethig I need to do to enable this behaviour?

Using V3.9.2.2234

Andrey Zavyalov, PM


Can you please update your version to the latest?

If it's not possible, please try to reproduce this error with one of the demo projects included in the installation package and send us the steps to reproduce. If you can't reproduce it in our demo projects, please send us your demo.

If this bug still exists in the latest version, we'll be able to fix it in the next (future) version.