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How to localize SubQuery Structure Bar Caption in arabic, turkish, etc..?

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I want to localize SubQuery Structure Bar Caption. I create my localization for Azerbaijan language xml.

Then I set my language but the "SubQuery Structure Bar Caption" change my language when second time.

How to fix this problem?


Thank you,



Andrey Zavyalov, PM

Hello, Belkis.

Sorry for the late response. If you use the latest version of the QueryBuilder control, an item for dock panel captions should be present in the localization file.

If you work in the Separated controls mode, you can localize them using the following code:

_propertiesBar.Text = Helpers.Localizer.GetString(nameof(LocalizableConstantsUI.strProperties), LocalizableConstantsUI.strProperties);
_subQueryNavBar.Text = Helpers.Localizer.GetString("strSubQueryStructureBarCaption", LocalizableConstantsUI.strSubQueryStructureBarCaption);

Andrey Zavyalov, PM

_propertyBar and _subQueryNavBar are DockPanel objects of the DockManager control.