Active Query Builder support area

Andrey Zavyalov, PM

Hello, Tessa.

Yes, windows functions are supported for MS SQL Server. Please check that you set the right syntax provider for your server:

QueryBuilder.SyntaxProvider = new MSSQLSyntaxProvider();

If you set it right but still receive a parsing error, please submit a support ticket. We will investigate this issue shortly.

Tessa Smithers

Hi Sergey,

Thank you so much for the response. If this is out of scope of AQB support, please let me know, but does the statement above mean that we need to declare the Windows function first somehow before using OVER?




Andrey Zavyalov, PM

Probably my mention of window functions wasn't correct. Sorry for this.

Select queries for MS SQL Server with the OVER clause must be parsed fine in all the cases according to the documentation referred in your post.
If you have a sample of a query which complies with this doc and AQB fails to parse it, please let me know.