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I need to show my users some sql statements so they can visual inspect them. Maybe they will copy the statements to SSMS for further checking. Anyway, I want to use the SQLTextEditor and would like to format/beautify the SQL before showing it my user. 

I thought I had it working but including the TOP keywords creates the error: "Invalid \"SELECT\" statement.\nUnexpected token \"100\" at line 1, pos 12."

How can I make this work? Here is my code:


internal void FormatSQL2()
string sqlformatted = "";

SQLFormattingOptions formattingoptions = new SQLFormattingOptions();
formattingoptions.KeywordFormat = KeywordFormat.UpperCase;
formattingoptions.DynamicIndents = false;
GenericSyntaxProvider syn = new GenericSyntaxProvider();

ActiveQueryBuilder.View.WinForms.QueryBuilder qb = new ActiveQueryBuilder.View.WinForms.QueryBuilder();
qb.SyntaxProvider = syn;
qb.SQLFormattingOptions = formattingoptions;

//qb.SQL = "SELECT LOC_ID FROM TABLEX WHERE ID = 100"; //works
qb.SQL = "SELECT TOP 100 LOC_ID FROM TABLEX WHERE ID = 100"; //does not work...causes error

sqlformatted = qb.FormattedSQL;

sqlTextEditor1.Text = sqlformatted;

catch (Exception ex)



Andrey Zavyalov, PM

Hello, Kelsy.

Please use MSSQLSyntaxProvider to parse SQL statements for MS SQL Server.

Kay Bren

thx! I definitely overlooked that...