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Criteria Builder - choice parametr does not respect column type

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Criteria Builder does not respect column type.

If column type is numeric works well.

But if column type is string, then it doesnot add apostrophes. I need to add them manually for correct result of the condition.

I expect the correct behaviour should add them automatically.





Andrey Zavyalov, PM

Dear Petr,

Sorry for the late response. Requests to be considered of high priority better asked through support tickets.

We have failed to reproduce this problem. Please let us know your

- database server,
- syntax provider being used,
- SQL query text,
- data type of the DocumentType field.

Petr Veselý

Hello Sergey,

Database server:

flat file - csv

syntax provider:


SQL query text:

Select *
From [Data_Sales#csv]

data type of the DocumentType field:

object (by OLEDBmetadataprovider)

Thank you.


Andrey Zavyalov, PM

Thank you for the explanation.

This is a shortcoming of the current Full-featured demo: when OLE DB or ODBC connection is established, it uses the ANSI SQL/92 syntax provider which fails to load column data types. You can fix the problem by reloading metadata via the corresponding menu item after setting the right syntax provider.

In the next build, we'll add the possibility to select (and detect) the right syntax provider for these types of connections and fix other connection issues. Right now you can download the updated demo project here.

Andrey Zavyalov, PM

Hello, Petr.

I am sorry for not replying you on time.

Do you still have problems with retrieving types in AQB from CSV using MS Jet provider?