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Displaying tables/views in a folder

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I'd like to display some objects in "folders" for users so they can easily be found. Basically the server layout of the objects does not match what I'd like to display to the user.

 I've tried using Packages for this purpose, but this affects the NameFull property.

E.g. I have a view called MyView in a schema MySchema.

The query name for this should be:


But if I put it in MyPackage1->MyPackage2 (nested packages) the full name is



Is there a way to override the NameFull so that the layout of the object tree doesn't match the namespaces of the objects? Or is there something else I could do?


(Hope that makes sense!)


Thanks, Colin

Andrey Zavyalov, PM

Hello, Colin.

Thank you for your question.

You mustn't change objects in the Metadata Container, otherwise, the component won't be able to correctly generate SQL queries and detect them in SQL query text. 

Instead, use the Metadata Structure facility that was made exactly for this purpose. You can read more about in in this article: 

Colin Overton

I didn't know about that functionality, thanks so much for pointing me to the right part of the docs!