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Suppress Delete column in SelectListOptions

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In the VCL Version of TacQueryBuilder, there is a SelectListOptions.ShowToolbarColumn property that was added in a recent version; it toggles the visibility of a tools column that has move/insert/delete buttons. I think this is a nice addition, but I've found that users that are new to the interface have a tendency to click it without knowing what it really is (which deletes the selected field), and there is no undo option. I would think that setting SelectListOptions.ShowToolbarColumn to false would hide all of the buttons, but it leaves the Delete button visible. Is there someway to put it back like it used to be where that delete button is not visible?

Andrey Zavyalov, PM


The new TacQueryBuilder.SelectListOptions.ToolbarDeteleAlwaysVisible property has been added to the latest version. It is available for downloading now.