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ExpressionBuilderParams missing psProgID

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The wrapper generated by my language (Dataflex) is missing the psProgID for the ExpressionBuilderParams ? which means I cant instantiate it

For example the one for the SelectListOptions is

Set psProgID to "{53ABA835-3A9B-4492-B266-65BA25E7E06D}"

and SupportedSyntaxes is

Set psProgID to "{4237CCC2-8E04-4D14-B470-7E04631CDF05}"

etc etc

What should it be ?


Sergey Kraikov

The UUID of the ExpressionBuilderParams class is {69fd81fe-d03d-4033-89d2-12c68cb5c644}

I advice you to use some of the TLB viewers (for example OleView from Visual Studio or OleWoo from

By the way, ExpressionBuilderParams is created by the QueryBuilder internally, and passed to the OnCustomExpressionBuilder event handler. Could you please tell me how you intend to use the instance created by your code?

Andrew Kennard

Thanks I'm just about to include this with another post with some more questions