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Updating SQL Property when Data Source is removed (.net edition)

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Hi there,

I am using the .net edition. I am taking a number of sql inputs and attempting to synchronise them with the query builder. Each input represents an SQL table.

When an input is removed, I used the following code to remove the input from the Query Builders list of data sources:

foreach (DataSource ds in queryBuilderDataSource.ActiveSubQuery.ActiveUnionSubquery.GetVisibleDataSources())
bool found = false;
foreach (ABComponent component in _inputs)
if ( == ds.NameInQuery)
found = true;
if (found)
continue; queryBuilderDataSource.ActiveSubQuery.ActiveUnionSubquery.FindDatasources(ds.NameInQuery).Remove(ds);

However, removing the DataSource (if I am doing it correctly) does not seem to update the SQL property of the query builder as the removed data source still appears in the SQL string.

Do I need to issue a further command in order to get the query builder to update it's SQL property when a data source is removed?
Hi Chris,

.Remove() method in your code does not destroy anything, but just removes an item from the collection returned by FindDatasource().
To destroy a datasource you should .Dispose() it.
Use the following example for reference:
UnionSubQuery activeUnionSubquery = queryBuilder1.ActiveSubQuery.ActiveUnionSubquery;
DataSourceGroup dataSourceGroup = activeUnionSubquery.FromClause;

List<DataSource> dataSources = new List<DataSource>();


    foreach (DataSource dataSource in dataSources)
        if (dataSource.MetadataObject != null &&
            (dataSource.MetadataObject.Name == "Orders" || dataSource.MetadataObject.Name == "Products"))