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open configuration wizard no longer works in latest build winforms version
Aaron Sulwer
I upgraded an old version to a new version. this is when I experienced this problem. the solution was to changed the assembly version reference to the correct one and now it works. if you drag from the toolbox it auto targets the wrong version which is an older one. during the upgrade it might not have removed the old assemblies. because I can see both versions when I add an assembly to my project.
Andrey Zavyalov, PM
I am glad to know that you solved the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience this caused you. Unfortunately we can not reproduce this problem on our side. If you will experience the same problem during the next update, please describe you problem in detail. We can establish a remote session to investigate the problem. When you will update the component next time, please make sure that your project is closed, we also recommend to close Visual Studio when updating.