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SQL parsing take much longer time using PostgreSQLSyntaxProvider

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We have a client application where we are using Active Query Builder 2 .NET Edition v.

Previously we had Active Query Builder 2 .NET Edition v. used with MySQLSyntaxProvider.

But after we migrated our database to postgresql, we updated our client application for database changes. And used PostgreSQLSyntaxProvider (Active Query Builder 2 .NET Edition v.
But it seems that the query parsing time for complex queries with the following method drastically increased:

queryBuilder1.SQL = sqlQuery;
catch (Exception ex)
return false;

The equivalent query for MySql was loading/parsing in almost just 3-4 secs but in Postgresql it is now taking significant amount of time (40-50 secs) to parse the query.

We are loading metadata programmatically and using OfflineMode = true;
Andrey Zavyalov, PM

PostgreSQL SQL syntax is much more complicated than MySQL, so PostgreSQL parser might be considerably slower than MySQL. You can send us the sample query that parses too slow, so will be able to profile PostgreSQL parser on it.