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Bug(s) with CriteriaBuilder

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I am using the Professional version of ActiveQueryBuilder. Having a application where users generate their queries by a specified universe and are able to add filters (where clauses).

So mainly i'm using the QueryBuilder. For the filters i'm using the CriteriaBuilder. But there are some heavy bugs for me.

1. Control ignores AutoSize, Anchors and generell sizing. Check out screenshot

2. The main query editor and the filter editor are splitted apart into different views/forms. So i just load a non visual QueryBuilder for the CriteriaBuilder and load the sql statement into it. If the sql statement contains a WHERE part like


CriteriaBuilder does not load this WHERE part. It just stays emty. If i now edit the WHERE part by CriteriaBuilder it adds the new clause to the existing. Thats ok, but it has to load an existing WHERE part from my query.

3. CriteriaBuilder still does not load DevExpress Design. All other controls load the design correctly!
I'am working with version

So i hope i get some help/workarounds with them, cause with all those (for me) bugs i can no longer use the controls for our application.

PS: Sorry for my bad english :O

Andrey Zavyalov, PM

Thank you for your report.

1. The AutoSize bug is fixed. You can download the new version now.
2. Criteria Builder is a UI for part of the QueryTransforer API. This API allows to define ADDITIONAL filters to the query, it doesn't have to load existing conditions.
3. Can you please point on a screenshot what's painted incorrectly in Criteria Builder when DevExpress UI is turned on? We've implemented all editors with DevExpress controls; the rest are custom-painted elements, they should not change their look with DevExpress UI.
Raphael Strotz
You fixed one thing and added another bug :O

Getting this error whenerver i want to start my application. It not from my code. I do instantiate "QueryBuilder" and get this error. I checked it, my references are OK.

Both new assemblies (ActiveQueryBuilder2, DevExpressControlFactory2) are in to the executables folder. Version

Object of type 'ActiveDatabaseSoftware.ActiveQueryBuilder.CriteriaBuilder.CriteriaBuilder' cannot be converted to type 'ActiveDatabaseSoftware.ActiveQueryBuilder.CriteriaBuilder.CriteriaBuilder'.
This is usual version conflict. Please ensure you have removed old assemblies everywhere, delete the build folders (bin and obj) in your project folders and rebuild the solution.