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DevexpressControlFactory DLL missing?

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Hi - I just purchased the .NET WinForms version of ActiveQueryBuilder and I can't find the "DevExpressControlFactory2.dll" file anywhere.

I could have sworn it was there on the trial version.

I'm also using the DevEx 14.1.5 and I couldn't get it working with the trial version - presumably it's not been compiled with that release of DevEx?

Please can you advise me on (a) where "DevExpressControlFactory2.dll" has gone and (b) how to get it working with DevEx 14.1.5

Many thanks!

The assembly is on its place in the "assemblies" folder.
Please check your antivirus quarantine, it might be there.
We'll rebuild the assembly with the latest devexpress next week.
Hedley Muscroft
Thanks for your reply - the issue was that I mistakenly bought the Standard rather than the Professional version of your component.
I noticed that you previously said that you would include the source code of the DevExpressControlFactory so that it can be rebuilt by us ourselves...

That would be excellent... but again I can't find the source code. I use DevEx extensively even customizing some of their components and I'm quite often running hotfixed or pre-release builds - being able to rebuild this DLL myself is really important - many thanks.
Yes, DevExpress module and it's source code contained in PRO version only.  You should upgrade. I pass your issue to the sales manager. 
Hedley Muscroft
Hi - I've upgraded and am now using the PRO version.

I've added the DevExpressControlFactory project to my solution and set all the relevant DLLs to COPYLOCAL. It all compiles nicely however on running, I get the message :-
"Failed to call GetTabControl() method from DevExpressControlFactory"
"Failed to load assembly "ActiveDatabaseSoftware.DevExpressControlFactory2.dll""

Why is it trying to load a DLL called "DevExpressControlFactory2.dll"? (with a "2" on the end?).

The source code project is called "DevExpressControlFactory" without a "2" on the end.

Should I rename the project to add a "2" on the end? Am I doing something wrong?
The correct assembly name is "ActiveDatabaseSoftware.DevExpressControlFactory2".
You can see it in the project settings. The project name can be different.

The error just means the main ActiveDatabaseSoftware.ActiveQueryBuilder assembly is unable to find ActiveDatabaseSoftware.DevExpressControlFactory2.dll. Please check all references again.
Hedley Muscroft
OK - so the mistake I was making was in trying to add your project to my solution and referencing it that way. I found that if I load it as a separate project, recompile it and then link the resulting DLL file only to my solution it works fine and I get the DevExpress controls.

However there is one bug I'm encountering...

If I right-click on the background of the diagram and choose ADD OBJECT... it throws :-
"Failed to call GetAddObjectForm() method from DevExpressControlFactory"

Please let me know how I can fix this - thanks!
Hi Hedley,  
There was a bug. Please download new version.
Hedley Muscroft
OK - new version resolves all DevExpress stuff - many thanks!