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How to implement grouped joins?

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I was using the Demo project (VCL version) to build a query and realized that I needed to have a grouped join.  I didn't see how to implement that join within the UI.  I did try, however, to put the grouped join in the SQL area at the bottom and told the application to parse the query.  It seemed to create the same list of tables and it did retain the grouped join - but I didn't see how to specify that when building the original query.  How do I do that in the UI?

  MIMOH Inner Join
  MIMOMD On MIMOH.mohId = MIMOMD.mohId Left Join
  (MIPOD Inner Join
  MIPOH On MIPOH.pohId = MIPOD.pohId And MIPOH.pohRev = MIPOD.pohRev)

  On MIMOMD.mohId = MIPOD.mohId And MIMOMD.momdId = MIPOD.momdId Inner Join
  MIITEM On MIMOMD.partId = MIITEM.itemId Inner Join
  MIILOC On MIMOMD.partId = MIILOC.itemId And MIMOMD.srcLoc = MIILOC.locId

Andrey Zavyalov, PM

It is not possible to create join groups in the current version. But join groups are preserved when parsing of the SQL query text and they will be kept as long as this will be possible (for example, until the user removes the link between tables on the Design pane).