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Database server autodetection (SQL syntax)

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Use the AutoSyntaxProvider to detect database syntax automatically. The AutoSyntaxProvider detects database server using a live database connection, by sending server-specific queries and analyzing the result. It is not possible to find out for what database server a particular query has been written.

By setting the AutoSyntaxProvider object as a syntax provider for the query builder component, it detects the SQL syntax on retrieving metadata from a database.

You do not have to change the syntax provider after detection. AutoSyntaxProvider will act as particular syntax provider which has been detected. You can get the result of this detection by examining the DetectedSyntaxProvider property.

To detect a database syntax without the metadata retrieval, use the following code:


For the ActiveX Edition, use the "SQLSyntax = xsAuto" setting and examine the UsedSQLSyntax property afterward.


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