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How to apply custom CSS styles, re-apply styling scheme for Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition?

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Since version 3.3 Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition is capable of applying any CSS styling scheme. It supports its own, jQuery and Bootstrap CSS schemes out of the box.

The QueryBuilderControl.Theme property allows for switching styling between several predefined schemes. The current version supports jQueryUI and Bootstrap styling out of the box. Allowed property values: 'default', 'jqueryui' and 'bootstrap'. See the demos marked with the 'Bootstrap' and 'JqueryUI' labels.

The AQB.Web.theme property allows applying custom styling schemes on the client-side. See the demo with the 'Foundation' label to find the sample of applying custom styling.

Utilizing a particular styling scheme, AQB controls will natively apply styles of the current CSS. For example, if you use jQueryUI styling, you can generate a theme using the jQuery UI Themeroller and apply the "query-ui.css" to the query builder web page.

Since version, you can override the embedded CSS styles completely. Use the QueryBuilder.LoadStyleFrom property to load styles from the specified path instead of loading the embedded resource. 

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