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How to handle JavaScript data exchange events? (ASP.NET Edition)

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Please review the "Client event handle" demo project included in the installation package to illustrate this functionality.
Below is the sample code from this demo:
	<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
		OnApplicationReady(function () {
			$(QB.Web.Application).bind(QB.Web.ApplicationEvents.beforeDataExchange, beforeDataExchange);
			$(QB.Web.Application).bind(QB.Web.ApplicationEvents.afterDataExchange, afterDataExchange);

		function beforeDataExchange(sender, e) {
			alert("Before data exchange");

		function afterDataExchange(sender, e) {
			console.log(sender, e);
			alert("After data exchange");
			if (e.SQL) alert("New SQL:" + e.SQL);

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