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How to make user controls (parts of the component's UI) resizable by end-user? (ASP.NET Edition)

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1. Add the following CSS into the HEAD section to unlock the fixed-size block and set the default height of its container:
    #qb-ui-tree-view { height: auto; }
    #qb-ui { height: 600px; }
2. Add the following script when the component is fully rendered on the page. That said, in the case of the server-side rendering, place it before the closing BODY tag; in the case of client-side rendering, call it in the onQueryBuilderReady event handler.
   $(function () {
      $('.qb-ui-layout').resizable({ handles: "s" });
      $('.qb-ui-canvas').resizable({ handles: "s" });
      $('.qb-ui-tree-view').resizable({ handles: "e" });

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