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Quick Start Guide for the ActiveX Edition

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  1. Place the ActiveQueryBuilderX control on the form.
  2. Initialize the ActiveQueryBuilderX.ConnectionString property with the right ADO (OLE DB) or ODBC connection string and to turn the Connected property to True.
    You can find samples of connection strings for plenty of database servers at Please refer to the "OLE DB providers" sections for the samples of ADO (OLE DB) strings and the "ODBC drivers" sections for ODBC strings.
  3. To let your end-users combine SQL query text editing with visual query building, add the TextBox or any other text editor control to a form. In the case of using the TextBox control, you must set its MultiLine property to True.
    Now you should establish a connection between the ActiveQueryBuilderX and the TextBox controls.
    Enter the following code to Leave event of TextBox control:
    ActiveQueryBuilderX1.SQL = TextBox1.Text
    Enter the following code to the OnSQLChanged event of ActiveQueryBuilderX control:
    TextBox.Text := ActiveQueryBuilderX1.FormattedSQL
  4. That's all! Now you can run your application.

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