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How to distribute an ActiveX control automatically via the Internet Explorer?

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ActiveX controls should not be installed on each client PC using Active Query Builder installation package. You should place the CAB and LPK files to your website and link to them from your web page:
<OBJECT id="qb" classid="clsid:C4C9F1E5-2E72-4B58-BA61-6D63730FB7C8" CODEBASE=",14,0,0" " VIEWASTEXT>
   <PARAM ...>
<OBJECT CLASSID="clsid:5220CB21-C88D-11cf-B347-00AA00A28331">
   <PARAM NAME="LPKPath" VALUE="aqbx.lpk">
The needed .cab and .lpk files are available in HTMLDemo folder together with HTML code example.
If the customer's PC already had the free version installed and it doesn't replace with the new version from your web page, you may need to unregister it first using the following command:
regsvr32.exe /u C:\Path_to_ocx\ActiveQueryBuilderXControls.ocx"

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