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Query Builder WPF, criteria and expression editor causing error.

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I am loading Query Builder with XML, the program loads the Query Builder properly but when I try to double click a column name or click on the criteria or expression columns that would show a dropdown. The program crashes with no error or exception. 

Andrey Zavyalov, PM

Hello Brandon,

I've checked all these scenarios using "Professional Full-Featured MDI Demo WPF (compiled)" included in distrib and available from the "Windows Start Menu".
Seems all works as expected.
Could you please send me a sample project where this issue can be reproduced?
Or reproduce it using precompiled demo and send me detailed instructions?

brandon anzalone

Hi Andrey,

I cannot upload code for you to go over, I will attach a screenshot of what I'm talking about from the samples projects that come with the download. 

Image 1152

This is from the working examples, In my program when I click any of the columns with a drop down my program blows up completely without any warning or errors. Am I missing something in my code or am I missing an assembly?

Andrey Zavyalov, PM

Hi Brandon,

We checked several ways to reproduce this error, but failed.

Please send us a demo project in which it can be reproduced. 

Also please check that you refer to the latest version in your project.