dxSkinscxPCPainterRS25 conflict



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    Sergey Smagin (Product manager)

    DevExpress have dropped the dxSkinsPCPainterRS25 package since v17.2 and moved the dxSkinscxPCPainter.pas unit to the cxPageControlRS25 package. So acQueryBuilder now references only the cxPageControl package.
    If you using previous DevExpress version, you should modify the <InstallFolder>\Packages_DevExpress\RadStudio10_2\acQueryBuilderD25.dpk and <InstallFolder>\Packages_DevExpress\RadStudio10_2x64\acQueryBuilderD25.dpk and re-add a reference to the dxSkinsPCPainterRS25 in the "requires" section. After such modification, please re-run <InstallFolder>\Uninstall\setup.exe, choose "Add or Remove IDE installations" option, and select appropriate IDEs to recompile and reinstall packages.

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