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How to fix the DBISAM or ElevateDB metadata provider compilation error?

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How to compile DBISAM or ElevateDB metadata provider with the version installed on my PC?


The problem with DBISAM (and ElevateDB as well) is that they change the name of its run-time package with each minor version. Thus, the installer frequently cannot detect this package as it searches for an exact file name.

What you should do to compile the metadata provider for DBISAM is to change the name of the DBISAM run-time package in the DBISAM metadata provider package. Edit the "acQueryBuilderDBISAMxxx.dpk" file (xxx is your Delphi version) and change the referenced package name from "dbisam433xxxxxxxxxxx" to "dbisam445xxxxxxxxxxxx" (or whatever version you have installed) in the "requires" section.

Also, note that if you have Rad Studio 10.2 Tokyo or Berlin, you must change the Delphi version number in that name as well:

  • if you have Berlin, change "dbisam433RSDelphiWin32101br" to "dbisam445RSDelphiWin3210br";
  • if you have Tokyo, change "dbisam433RSDelphiWin32102br" to "dbisam445RSDelphiWin3210tr".

After that, you can compile the DBISAM metadata provider run-time package ("acQueryBuilderDBISAMxxx.dpk"), then install the DBISAM metadata provider design-time package ("acQueryBuilderDsgnDBISAMxxx.dpk"). 

I am terribly sorry for this naming mess, but we don't see a simpler way to address this issue.

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