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How to fix the "Unit acQBxxx was compiled with a different version of..." compilation error? (VCL Edition)

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If you get one of the following errors, this article will help you cope with it.

>[Fatal Error] main.pas(8): Unit acQBMOPgDACMetaProvider was compiled with a different version of PSQLDbTables.TPSQLDatabase
> [DCC Error] frmQueryAQB.pas(9): F2051 Unit acQBFIBPlusMetaProvider was compiled with a different version of pFIBDataSet.TpFIBDataSet
These errors mean you had compiled the Metadata Provider unit with the previous version of your data access components package when you were installing the Active Query Builder last time.
Third-party metadata providers are always compiled during the Active Query Builder installation process (as we never know the exact version of third-party components installed on your PC), and if you upgrade the third-party component pack, you must also re-compile the metadata provider package.
To do this, start the Active Query Builder setup program (click on the
"Start"->"Programs"->"ActiveDBSoft"->"Active Query Builder VCL Edition"->"Uninstall Active Query Builder" item) and choose "Add or Remove IDE Installations", click next, click on the Delphi 7 checkbox (the text "Action: Reinstall" will appear below the appropriate Delphi version item) and click "Next". You can tune the reinstall process at the next page. Click the "Next" button, and the installer will recompile the selected packages using the currently installed third-party components.
If this won't help you, you must search the entire hard drive for *.dcp files from your data access components package and remove all of them. After that, re-compile DAC and AQB packages.
> [Pascal Fatal Error] Unit1.pas(7): F2051 Unit acQBIBExMetaProvider was compiled with a different version of IBQuery.TIBQuery
Please check you have all latest BDS 2006 update packs installed. Click Help -> About Borland Delphi menu item, and verify your version. It must be "Borland® Delphi® for Microsoft® Windows™ Version 10.0.2558.35231 Update 2".
Even if your IBExpress versions differs, you can recompile IBEx connectivity packages manually using your version.
  1. Add C:\Program Files\ActiveDBSoft\Active Query Builder\Sources to the library path in your IDE
  2. Open and compile the runtime package "C:\Program Files\ActiveDBSoft\Active Query Builder\Packages\Delphi2006\acQueryBuilderIbExD10.dpk"
  3. Open, compile and install the design-time package "C:\Program Files\ActiveDBSoft\Active Query Builder\Packages\Delphi2006\acQueryBuilderDsgnIbExD10.dpk"

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