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How to hide some parts of the Canvas and Query Navigation Bar? (ASP.NET Edition)

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You can set the "display: none" attribute to appropriate styles in CSS file to hide specific parts of the Sub-query Navigation Bar.


var navBar = AQB.Web.QueryBuilder.NavBarComponent;
navBar.subqueryPanel.hide(); /* Hide sub-queries panel */
navBar.unionPanel.hide(); /* Hide unions panel */


.qb-ui-canvas-navbar-union-panel, /* Hide unions panel */
.subquery-tree, /* Hide the query structure tree button */
.breadcrumbs /* Hide breadcrumbs */
.subquery-button-container /* Hide buttons on the second line */
    display: none;

Hiding the Properties Bar looks similar:


var canvas = AQB.Web.QueryBuilder.CanvasComponent;
canvas..propertiesFormsContainer.element.hide(); /* Hide the properties bar */


.properties /* Hide the properties panel */
.properties__title /* Hide the properties tab */
    display: none !important;

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