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What's new in Active Query Builder 2?

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Visual changes:
  • Hiding the Sub-query Tabs above the Design Pane is possible now.
  • The Database Schema Tree is capable of displaying database object fields now.
  • The Add Object Form allows searching for database objects.
  • Now it's possible to hide the Design Pane and build queries without it.
  • Swapping the Query Structure Tree and the Database Schema Tree with each other is possible now.
API changes:
  • QueryBuilder properties have been reorganized into several options groups. Read more...
  • Metadata Container is completely reworked to eliminate the need for pre-loading of metadata. All the necessary information about database structure is loaded on-demand now. The container is capable of storing all possible types of artifacts, such as linked servers, packages, custom aggregates, etc. Read more...
  • Metadata Structure object is made to abstract from the physical structure of the database when displaying objects in the Database Schema Tree. Read more...
  • The new editor of Metadata Container and Metadata Structure allows for setting up the database objects representation for the end-user the way you like.
  • The list of used database objects and fields (QueryStatistics) can be obtained now for most of the query objects: sub-queries, datasources, query column list expressions.
  • The SyncSQL property has been removed. The SQL property now updates the visual controls immediately, not on the next message cycle.
  • Last but not least: the property reference is available for most parts of the component.

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