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Property groups in Active Query Builder 2

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Properties of the QueryBuilder component have been grouped within the following options groups now.
  • MetadataLoadingOptions group determines rules of loading database schema information to the Metadata Container. Definition of these rules results in the limitation of the list of database objects displayed in the tree. It may also help to reduce metadata loading time for some database servers (e.g., Oracle).
  • BehaviorOptions group allows you to tune the way Active Query Builder parses and builds SQL queries. These properties determine the way Active Query Builder process SQL query parsing errors, define rules of working with joins (links between query objects), etc.
  • SQLGenerationOptions group determines SQL query text generation rules: displaying of object names and expressions during the visual query building process.
  • PanesConfigurationOptions group allows you to configure the layout of the main parts of the component: Design Pane, Query Columns List, Database Schema Tree and Query Structure Tree.
  • AddObjectFormOptions group determines the appearance of the Add Object Form that lets you search and add objects to the query.
  • DatabaseSchemaTreeOptions group contains various properties of the Database Schema Tree control and determines sorting and default level of the tree expansion.
  • MetadataStructureOptions group contains different properties that affect on displaying of the Metadata Structure. There you may find properties to control grouping of objects by Database, Schema, Object Type, etc.
  • DesignPaneOptions group contains various properties of the Design Pane, such as objects snapping and links style.
  • DataSourceOptions group determines the appearance of the objects and their field lists at the Design Pane.
  • QueryColumnListOptions group contains various properties of the Query Column List control, such as grid columns width.
  • VisualOptions group determines the appearance of sub-query tabs and borders.
Below is the list of changes from the first version:

The QueryBuilder.AddObjectFormOptions group:

  • AddObjectFormOptions.VisualGrouping has been deleted. N/A due to changes in the Add Form Options control.
  • AddObjectFormOptions.*ImageIndex bunch of properties has been deleted. Use the MetadataStructureOptions.*ImageIndex properties instead.
  • AddObjectFormOptions.Show* bunch of properties has been deleted. Use the MetadataLoadingOptions.MetadataFilter to filter by object types.

The QueryBuilder.CriteriaListOptions group has been renamed to the QueryColumnListOptions:

  • CriteriaListOptions.CriteriaListFont has been renamed to QueryColumnListOptions.Font.
  • CriteriaListOptions.ShowNullOrderingInSortTypeColumn has been renamed to QueryColumnListOptions.NullOrderingInOrderBy.
  • QueryBuilder.UseCustomExpressionBuilder has been  moved to QueryColumnListOptions.UseCustomExpressionBuilder.
  • The AffectedColumns enum that's applicable to the UseCustomExpressionBuilder and the DisableDirectEditingIn properties has been replaced with the same-named set:
    • AffectedColumns.Nowhere: AffectedColumns.None;
    • AffectedColumns.ExpressionColumn: AffectedColumns.ExpressionColumn;
    • AffectedColumns.ConditionColumns: AffectedColumns.ConditionColumns;
    • AffectedColumns.Both: AffectedColumns.ExpressionColumn | AffectedColumns.ConditionColumns.

The QueryBuilder.FieldListOptions group has been renamed to the DataSourceOptions:

  • FieldListOptions.DefaultFieldListWidth has been renamed to DataSourceOptions.DefaultWidth.
  • FieldListOptions.DescriptionColumnOptions.UseLongDescription has been deleted. There's only the Description property left in the MetadataItem class.
  • QueryBuilder.CheckedFieldsCountInCaption has been moved to DataSourceOptions.SelectedFieldsCountInCaption.
  • QueryBuilder.DiagramObjectColor has been moved to DataSourceOptions.BackgroundColor.
  • QueryBuilder.FocusedDiagramObjectColor has been moved to DataSourceOptions.FocusedBackgroundColor.
  • QueryBuilder.DiagramObjectFont has been moved to DataSourceOptions.Font.
  • QueryBuilder.DefaultDiagramObjectWidth has been moved to DataSourceOptions.DefaultWidth.
  • QueryBuilder.MaxDiagramObjectHeight has been moved to DataSourceOptions.MaxHeight.
  • QueryBuilder.SortDiagramObjectFields has been  moved to DataSourceOptions.SortType.

The QueryBuilder.MetadataTreeOptions group has been split to the MetadataStructureOptions and the DatabaseSchemaTreeOptions:

  • MetadataTreeOptions.EnableEditing has been deleted. It is not possible now to edit captions directly from the Database Schema Tree control. Use the Metadata Editor to edit captions or object names.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.ShowUser* properties have been deleted. Use the MetadataLoadingOptions.MetadataFilter to filter by object types.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.ShowSystem* properties have been deleted. Use the MetadataLoadingOptions.LoadSystemObjects property to filter out system objects.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.SynonymsNodeText has been  renamed to MetadataStructureOptions.SynonymsFolderText.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.TablesNodeText has been renamed to MetadataStructureOptions.TablesFolderText.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.ViewsNodeText has been renamed to MetadataStructureOptions.ViewsFolderText.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.ProceduresNodeText has been renamed to MetadataStructureOptions.ProceduresFolderText.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.*NodeImageIndex properties have been deleted. There's one image for all types of objects: MetadataStructureOptions.FolderImageIndex.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.SystemProceduresImageIndex has been renamed to MetadataStructureOptions.SystemProcedureImageIndex.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.SystemSynonymsImageIndex has been  renamed to MetadataStructureOptions.SystemSynonymImageIndex.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.SystemTablesImageIndex has been renamed to MetadataStructureOptions.SystemTableImageIndex.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.SystemViewsImageIndex has been renamed to MetadataStructureOptions.SystemViewImageIndex.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.UserProceduresImageIndex has been renamed to MetadataStructureOptions.UserProcedureImageIndex.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.UserSynonymsImageIndex has been renamed to MetadataStructureOptions.UserSynonymImageIndex.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.UserTablesImageIndex has been  renamed to MetadataStructureOptions.UserTableImageIndex.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.UserViewsImageIndex has been renamed to MetadataStructureOptions.UserViewImageIndex.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.GroupingType has been replaced with the MetadataStructureOptions.GroupBy* bunch of properties.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.HideSingleDatabaseNode has been deleted. Use the MetadataStructureOptions.GroupByDatabases property to disable grouping by databases.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.SortingType has been moved to DatabaseSchemaTreeOptions.SortingType.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.DefaultExpandLevel has been moved to DatabaseSchemaTreeOptions.DefaultExpandLevel.
  • QueryBuilder.TreeFont has been moved to DatabaseSchemaTreeOptions.Font.

The QueryBuilder.QueryStructureTreeOptions group:

  • QueryStructureTreeOptions.ExpandFieldsNodes has been renamed to ExpandExpressionNodes.
  • QueryStructureTreeOptions.ExpandFromNodes has been renamed to ExpandDataSourceNodes.
  • QueryStructureTreeOptions.FieldsImageIndex has been renamed to ExpressionsNodeImageIndex.
  • QueryStructureTreeOptions.FromImageIndex has been renamed to DataSourcesNodeImageIndex.
  • QueryStructureTreeOptions.FieldImageIndex has been renamed to ExpressionImageIndex.
  • QueryStructureTreeOptions.FromObjImageIndex has been renamed to DataSourceImageIndex.
  • QueryStructureTreeOptions.FieldsNodeText has been  renamed to ExpressionsNodeText.
  • QueryStructureTreeOptions.FromNodeText has been renamed to DataSourcesNodeText.
  • QueryStructureTreeOptions.ShowFields has been renamed to ShowExpressions.
  • QueryStructureTreeOptions.ShowFrom has been  renamed to ShowDataSources.

The QueryBuilder.LinkOptions group has been moved to the BehaviorOptions:

  • LinkOptions.CreateLinksByIdenticalFieldNames has been  renamed to BehaviorOptions.CreateLinksByIdenticalFieldNames.
  • LinkOptions.CreateLinksFromRelations has been renamed to BehaviorOptions.CreateLinksFromForeignKeys.
  • LinkOptions.LinkManipulations has been renamed to BehaviorOptions.LinkManipulations.
  • LinkOptions.AddLinkedObjects has been renamed to BehaviorOptions.AddLinkedObjects.
  • LinkOptions.DeleteUnusedObjects has been renamed to BehaviorOptions.DeleteUnusedObjects.

The QueryBuilder properties have been moved to the BehaviorOptions group:

  • QueryBuilder.UseAltNames has been moved to BehaviorOptions.UseAltNames
  • QueryBuilder.AllowSleepMode has been moved to BehaviorOptions.AllowSleepMode.
  • QueryBuilder.LoadJoinsFromWhereClause has been moved to BehaviorOptions.LoadJoinsFromWhereClause.
  • QueryBuilder.FilterTabsByActiveQueryPart has been moved to BehaviorOptions.FilterTabsByActiveQueryPart.
  • QueryBuilder.ParsingErrorOnUnknownObjects has been moved to BehaviorOptions.ParsingErrorOnUnknownObjects.

The QueryBuilder properties have been moved to the SQLGenerationOptions group:

  • QueryBuilder.ObjectPrefixSkipping has been moved to SQLGenerationOptions.ObjectPrefixSkipping.
  • QueryBuilder.QuoteAllIdentifiers has been moved to SQLGenerationOptions.QuoteAllIdentifiers.
  • QueryBuilder.AsKeywordInExpressionAlias has been moved to SQLGenerationOptions.AsKeywordInExpressionAlias.
  • QueryBuilder.AsKeywordInObjectAlias has been  moved to SQLGenerationOptions.AsKeywordInObjectAlias.
  • QueryBuilder.InnerKeywordInLinks has been moved to SQLGenerationOptions.InnerKeywordInLinks.
  • QueryBuilder.OuterKeywordInLinks has been moved to SQLGenerationOptions.OuterKeywordInLinks.

The QueryBuilder properties have been moved to the DesignPaneOptions group:

  • QueryBuilder.SnapDiagramObjects has been moved to DesignPaneOptions.SnapToGrid.
  • QueryBuilder.SnapSize has been moved to DesignPaneOptions.GridSize.
  • QueryBuilder.LinkPainter has been moved to DesignPaneOptions.LinkStyle.
  • QueryBuilder.DiagramPaneColor has been moved to DesignPaneOptions.BackColor.

The QueryBuilder properties have been moved to the MetadataLoadingOptions group:

  • QueryBuilder.MetadataFilter has been moved to MetadataLoadingOptions.MetadataFilter.

The QueryBuilder properties have been moved to the VisualOptions group:

  • QueryBuilder.FlatBorders has been moved to VisualOptions.FlatBorders.
  • QueryBuilder.ShowTabIcons has been moved to VisualOptions.ShowTabIcons.
  • QueryBuilder.TabsAlignment has been moved to VisualOptions.TabsAlignment.
  • QueryBuilder.TabsAppearance has been moved to VisualOptions.TabsAppearance.
  • QueryBuilder.TabsImageList has been  moved to VisualOptions.TabsImageList.

Various properties have been moved to the PanesConfigurationOptions group:

  • QueryBuilder.UnionNavBarVisible has been moved to PanesConfigurationOptions.UnionNavBarVisible.
  • CriteriaListOptions.CriteriaListHeight has been moved to PanesConfigurationOptions.QueryColumnsPaneHeight.
  • CriteriaListOptions.CriteriaListVisible has been moved to PanesConfigurationOptions.QueryColumnsPaneVisible.
  • QueryStructureTreeOptions.TreeVisible has been moved to PanesConfigurationOptions.RightTreePaneVisible.
  • QueryStructureTreeOptions.TreeWidth has been moved to PanesConfigurationOptions.RightTreePaneWidth.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.TreeVisible has been  moved to PanesConfigurationOptions.LeftTreePaneVisible.
  • MetadataTreeOptions.TreeWidth has been moved to PanesConfigurationOptions.LeftTreePaneWidth.

Changes in the QueryBuilder events:

  • QueryBuilder.CriteriaListControlInitialization has been deleted. Use the ControlCreated event instead.
  • QueryBuilder.Filter* events have been deleted. The new events to implement this functionality will be added to the MetadataContainer soon.
  • QueryBuilder.Get*ToolTipText events have been deleted. The replacement events will be added soon.
  • QueryBuilder.DiagramObjectAdded has been renamed to DataSourceAdded.
  • QueryBuilder.DiagramObjectAdding has been  renamed to DataSourceAdding.
  • QueryBuilder.DiagramObjectDeleting has been renamed to DataSourceDeleting.

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