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How to add user-defined functions to completion lists of Expression editor and SQL Text editor?

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Handle the CustomizeFunctions event and add new functions in the following way:

   void expressionEditor1_CustomizeFunctions(Dictionary<string, AdvancedKeywordInfo> functions)
           "customfunction1", // dictionary key for hashing (lowercase!)
           new AdvancedKeywordInfo(
           // Function display name
           // Function template that will be inserted into the text editor cursor position. 
           // May contain %CURSOR% macro to specify new cursor position.
           // Function description (displayed in tooltips). Use \n character to split lines up.
        "CustomFunction1(param1, param2)\nFunction description.\nBla Bla..."

           new AdvancedKeywordInfo(
               "CustomFunction2(param1, param2)\nFunction description.\nBla Bla..."


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